lost boy

he´s lost

the so-called lost boy

he lives in the shadows

lives alone

but he loves

with his heart


he loves me

the girl of the sun

I love

with my heart



but we live in different worlds

too far apart for love

he´s a child in his heart

he´s a child by heart

I’m in love

I am a child too

but I´ll grow up

I won’t stay young forever

or I will

if I follow him

into the shadows

to neverland

if I follow him for love

if I stay with the lost boy

if I stay with peter pan

if I stay young forever

then we’ll be lost together

lost forever

bound by heart

I wrote the text in 2021 but never published it. I love peter pan and the mistery of neverland. If you do too, I recommend the book „lost boy“ by Christina Henry, which was a inspiration for this poem.

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