it’s late.
i guess i should go to bed.
i need to get sleep.
i think?
why did i need sleep again?
i can’t seem to remember.
maybe that’s why i needed sleep.
so that i could grasp reality again.
it’s so beautiful in here though.
in my mind.
thoughts of you lingering around.
it doesn’t feel like i’m awake.
i can feel you.
your presence is still in the air although you were never here.
i’m in my room - i think?
it feels so unfamiliar.
you feel familiar though.
and your presence.
i see the outlines of your face.
floating in midair.
you’re like a ghost.
you’re beautiful.
you’re here.
living in my head rent-free.
especially at times like this.
i could call it early in the morning instead of late at night to make me feel better?
i have to get some sleep.
but i don’t want to lose you.
your face.
your form.
your presence in my heart.
i need to wake up tomorrow.
you’re here now.
tomorrow i’m alone again.
i don’t want to be.
i should go to sleep.
but you’re the best hallucination i ever night-dreamed.
maybe i can stay awake a little longer.
just five more minutes.

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