when i opened my eyes
 i saw nothing.
 i saw blue

 and to be honest, i was feeling a little
 blue, too.
 the clouds are passing by
 and morphing into new selves
 kind shapes
 being a cloud must feel inspiring
 being nothing and so much
 at the same time
 a white fluffy orb
 traveling the skies
 blessing human eyes
 with pictures 
 and even clouds
 feel the need to cry sometimes
 even though they don’t have to be anywhere
 even though they are in a constant process of evolving.
 but maybe a cloud is sad to leave
 to not have a home
 the next time that i’m sad
 and feeling caged in 
 this life that was built for me
 i will think about the cloud
 and it’s dream
 of a home.