Being a human being is hard. It fucking is.

It’s feelings and emotions and pain and confusion and helplessness.

We all are different but I believe that deep in our heart we all long for love and peace.

Some people try hard and minimise their lifestyle to save the planet. Some try to spread as much love as they can. Some work their ass off, for other people, without profiting from it.

But some of us have been destroyed by society. We learned to look after ourselves first. We need money, we need things. We buy and buy. Most things we own have been made by a suffering human being. We eat food that kills and tortures animals. We are egoistic. Regarding so many aspects of life.

We need to learn to be loving again. To care for our planet. To look out for our friends, our classmates, the people we go to work with, the people we meet on the street and the people we don’t know. 

And some people try. They try really hard.

But it’s depressing. It’s depressing to be trying hard. It’s depressing to not eat meat, when others laugh and buy chicken wings from kfc, and are proud of that. It’s depressing to be helpful and always end up being the stupid one doing all the work and not even being appreciated or respected by the others. It’s depressing to love when people don’t accept that you love who you love. It’s depressing to include everyone in you community, when others think that they have the right to insult people because of the way they look, because of their job, because of their sexuality, because of their gender, because of their status, because of their believes. It’s depressing to see people’s lives getting ruined by hateful people, by intolerant people, by people who haven’t learned what love means. What it means to live on this small planet, as a part of a human community, that should be in balance with the rest of the life on Earth.

And the worst thing: no matter how hard you try. No matter how MUCH you want this world to be a GOOD place. A place for everyone. A peaceful place. No matter how much you want that, no matter how hard YOU try, you won’t be the one who changes the world. 

Because there are people who are hateful. 

And that hurts, it hurts to fucking much.

But we shouldn’t give up! If we, who love, unite, the message can be spread. The message, that love is beautiful. Love unites. And love heals the wounds that hate creates.

So stop being afraid of love, stop being addicted to power and start to live. 


Autor: Clara Drechsler

20 Jahre alt, ehemalige Schülerin des Katharinen-Gymnasiums Ingolstadt, inzwischen studiere ich an der HfPh in München Philosophie, aber Poesie hat auch jetzt immer noch einen großen Platz in meinem Herzen und Leben. Ich experimentiere gerne mit Geschichten und Reimen. Poesie ist für mich Text, Musik des Kopfes, Gefühle und Gedanken, eintauchen in fremde Welten.

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